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End violence against women

What YOU Can Do to Prevent Violence against Women · Choose your words carefully and respectfully when speaking of women in your life ·

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Women empowerment

Women’s empowerment is the process of empowering women. It may be defined in several ways, including accepting women’s viewpoints or making an effort to seek them, 

Domestic abuse. Scared woman and little girl suffering from father's violence

Legal empowerment and assistance to victims of violence

assistance to women victims of violence, one of the first in the country of its integrated nature, after passage of the Comprehensive Law to Guarantee Women a

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women build self confidence

To facilitate women build self confidence and independence by giving them training on different aspects of livelihood, health & hygiene, different laws and legal aid.

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Action Research and capacity building

Central to this process is the need for research capacity building within the workforce. The aim of this study was to develop an infrastructure for .

Clothes Distribution

To end all kinds of violence from domestic violence, trafficking to violence at work places and discrimination against women and

Women Empowerment

Socio Economic

These women are 110 SHGs have been formed in Daniyama and Bhargama blocks of Patna and Araria districts respectively. The groups have saved about rupees 6 lacs which they can use for economic associated with different kinds of social awareness program. These women are becoming economic self independent by engaging themselves in agriculture work, running petty shops etc. Trainings have been organized for SHGs women. Two types of vocational trainings -toy making and Aplic work; embroidery and stitching have been provided to women and adolescent girls in Daniyama and Bhargama blocks of Patna and Araria districts respectively. Around 1166 women and girls have been trained and they have started small business for earning money which gives them confidence and economic support.



Around 100 women in Daniyawa and Bhargama block of Patna and Araria became politically empowered. During the election period women were aware about their political right and further they were motivated to take part in the elections. Many women became panch and sarpanch in their respective areas.

Health Programme

MJK has mainly worked in the awareness aspect of health. Awareness about basic health habits, hygiene and sanitation has been the focus. MJK has arranged health camps. ANMs participated in the programs. Some training on plantation of herbal plants and use of herbs was imparted by ayurvedic doctors. During floods, with the help of Primary Health centers, MJK distributed medicines. MJK has contributed to Polio Awareness programs.


Aangan Kendra

MJK is 5 Aangan Kendras in Daniyawa. This works as preschool preparation for those children who are not going to school. After evaluation, the child is linked to formal schools. There are 30 children in one Kendra. One Aangan Kendra is for 5 villages. Animators (worker) devote 2 hours for Aangan Kendra as an instructor. There is a committee of women from 5 villages to monitor this programme in regular monthly meetings.

There are weekly meetings with the guardians of the children in Aangan Kendra for sharing the progress of their children and to link the guardians to with MJK activities. Aangan Kendra also works as Information center. Through meetings at Aangan Kendra, information regarding different topics is imparted. People can read MJK IEC material. They can also access information about government programmes.

Adult Education for Women

Adult education centers teach making signature and write address to the village women. The basic objective of this adult education center is to impart awareness among women about education, removing hesitation from the minds of women, creating interest about education and the women should feel empowered. Animators (worker) devote 2 hours for Adult education centers for women. Supervisors monitor the process. 5 adult education centers are run in Daniyawa. Each center has 30 Women.